Novalux Lighting, industry was established in 2007.

Novalux Lighting, Turkey’s focus on customer satisfaction, creating new trends in the industry with a wide range of products and fast service network reliable and popular while becoming a brand that has managed to become one of the most innovative leading companies in the lighting industry. This success, respecting the ethical values and the environment, is done by the team spirit.
Trained personnel, and thanks to his high-tech machine park investment in production quality of the production of world-class gerçekleştirmektedir.novalux Lighting Middle East, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and realizes exports to Balkan countries.
At the same time is our customers’ specific design practices and concepts to meet the demand for its products in the design and R & D department which creates its own new product design and development is continuing work.
The principle of energy conservation and efficiency, using electronic components in our products, we have developed energy-saving lighting equipment, we continue to improve.

Our Mission
  • Novalux Lighting, continuous improvement in all the world, to analyze the needs and expectations of the lighting industry, best quality, best price and best service to perform its production philosophy.
  • Contemporary, bold and discreet with our innovative business approach, to produce modern and original fixtures and are exporting, develop even better and continue our efforts to produce a self-sacrificing way.
  • Our businesses, our solutions, our reliability and high business ethics as we provide services after the first choice of customers, our employees and to be a company that creates value for our customers.
  • High standard, to maximize the level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service,
  • Respects the rights of our customers and time,
  • To increase employee satisfaction and moral values of our,
  • Humanity, to fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and universal values.
Our Vision

Employees become the most distinguished representatives of the Turkish entrepreneurship, management and business portfolio.

Our company strength, courage, innovation and vision shaped by the power of almaktadır.b the common sense approach to business consists of four main components.

  • With unconditional satisfaction of our customers and our employees and satisfaction
  • In all the services we provide to sample companies continue to be the best in Turkey.
  • Most preferred and be a place where the best to work.
  • To be a company where management approach and take everyone with sample systems.